Monday, August 1, 2011

Royally Delicious Pastries - Review

A couple of weeks ago, shortly before a trip to Wisconsin, I was invited to a dessert party.  It was scheduled for the day that I returned from my trip, and I knew that I wouldn't have time to prepare something on my own.  I also knew that I could turn to Royally Delicious Pastries in Beaver, PA to help me out.  I contacted the owner and set up delivery. 

Fast forward to the day of the dessert party.  I arrive at my apartment and the desserts are not there.  It was by no means the fault of Royally Delicious pastries.  There was a misunderstanding with the leasing office for my apartment building and my delicious treats were trapped behind the locked office door for the weekend.  Saddened by this turn of events, I ran to the grocery store, picked up something called "Magic Bars", and sped off to the party.  As I drove, I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to share those trapped treats with some great people, but I was also happy because it meant that I would have enough delicious desserts to last for weeks.  

The next day, I went to the leasing office to pick up my package, eager to try the treats inside.  I was not disappointed.  Royally Delicious Pastries sent me a few dozen chocolate chip cookies and a batch of brownies.  Everything was exactly as advertised: delicious.  It was obvious that the chef believes that quality products handled with loving care is the only way to make quality desserts.  

The cookies were crunchy but delicate, even after their long weekend in the leasing office.  The brownies were fudgy, soft, and chewy.  Being only one person, I had to put everything in the freezer to keep it as fresh as possible.  Even straight out of the freezer, the brownies maintained their perfect texture.  I couldn't have been happier.

Now, as a side note, you may or may not know that I am on a diet and have been on a diet for some time.  I believe that the key to diet success is gradual weight loss and avoiding needless deprivation.  That said, I have been eating approximately three cookies every day since I picked them up from the leasing office a week ago.  I don't want to suggest that the cookies from Royally Delicious Pastries have some magical properties which melt away fat, but I did lose five pounds in the past week. 


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